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Decorative Exterior Foam Trim

Architectural foam shapes for exterior stucco coated trims.

Stucco Boy offers installation of a wide variety of cement-coated foam treatments for your home. Stucco trim can be used in commercial and residential applications and is an inexpensive alternative to using concrete for moldings and architectural elements. Expanded PolyStyrene Foam, otherwise referred to as EPS, can be very beneficial as a source of insulation when used in an exterior insulation and finish system or as aesthetics for a building around windows and doors. Additionally, custom architectural foam shapes also are available and can be made as decorative elements such as columns, keystones, quoins and medallions.


Window Trims

There is no better way to dress up the exterior of your home than to install stucco window trim and sills. Window trim is offered in multiple sizes to accommodate most any window. Trim moldings and sills can easily be mixed to create real curb-appeal. We work local custom foam manufacturers that only offer window treatments made of high-density foam for exceptional durability.


Corbels / Faux Rafter Tails

Corbels/Faux Rafter Tails are used to give a structure an architectural touch and a feel of strong build. Pieces are typically installed under eaves, roof overhangs, cantilevered areas, or under a simple pot shelf detail to provide the “supported look”. These members will look great with any building design, mediterranean, spanish, colonial, modern, and others.


Door Trims

There are a variety of standard and decorative foam shapes you can use to outline your door’s entrance way. Standard foam trim comes in rectangular shapes with a square profile to give your door a simple yet modern look. Whereas, decorative foam trim offers more advanced profiles for a fancy and detailed architectural appearance.


Window Sills

A window sill is the bottom piece of trim, or the ledge at the bottom of the window. While sills are are viewed as a place to put plants, they’re also a necessary part of the window, keeping out rain and making windows more energy efficient.



Add exciting dimension to any exterior surface of your building easily and economically with stucco foam bands. Break up a large or plain wall with decorative wall treatments that give depth and feel that would otherwise be missing. Consider using foam bands with contrasting color on walls to emphasize the effect these profiles bring. They are easy to install and are made of high-density foam for outstanding durability.



Architectural foam columns are available as alternative to stone columns for decoration or as added support for structures. We offer a wide variety of decorative foam shapes to give your project depth and beauty without breaking the bank. Available columns for installation: Round Columns, Square Columns, Fluted Columns, Tapered Columns, Spiral Columns. Also half or whole columns to wrap posts. Fancy or Simple Columns, Caps and Bases. Any height or diameter, lightweight. We can install them all. 


Also referred to as crown moulding.

Cornices will unquestionably add a rich look to any building. Seen on a building from just about anywhere cornice molding crowns a building therefore referred as crown molding by many. Typically installed under eaves on residential and up on top of a parapet wall on commercial buildings. Cornice piece definitely throws rainwater free of the building’s walls where there are no eaves, such as on commercial. Residential installation is all about aesthetics if eaves are present. Adding a cornice to any exterior design will be a worthy upgrade. 



Window surrounds can be embellished with the use of keystones, ordered and delivered factory-coated for quality from our suppliers. Stucco coated foam keystones are a great way to add value to your home or office, window surrounds and Keystones can easily be mixed for building design flexibility.



For a contemporary architectural look, add a decorative quatrefoils to the esxterior of your home. Sometimes called Arabesques, these are used either as a surface decoration for longer plain walls requiring flare or with a window. Quatrefoils can give your project an extra expression of style at very little cost.



A very common detail in architecture is the “quoin”. The word is derived from the French word “coin”, pronounced “cwahn”, and means “corner”. Quoins are an easy way to give your building more texture and depth. They turn an outside corner into a major architectural statement. Quoins can blend with or create a contrasting accent with the background wall through the use of color. 


Wall Post Caps

No post can go without a cap! Foam caps are manufactured standard with slope for water drainage to prevent sitting water. These caps may be used with post built with wood frame, metal frame, concrete block, or metal construction. Many times your post may be finished with stucco or stone. We make sure to calculate thickness of your post including finishing material into the size of a cap and order the right size.

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